Great list Cristophe. I wrote a post the other day on banks on Twitter (in Swedish though) and mentioned Bank of America, First Federal and Technology Credit Union and I'm pretty sure there are some more.

Hi Cristophe,

Congratulations!, it's a great list.

In addition to our blog community, we have different online services: official Twitter and YouTube accounts, a Facebook page or a News RSS Feed.


@ Fernando: thanks for your feedback!

I have added your initiatives to my list. I look forward to meeting up with you next time I am in Spain.

I have just added a few initiatives from First National Bank (FNB) / South Africa:
* YouTube Channel
* Facebook Page
* Twitter
* RSS Feed

Source: the FNB Premier Banking Page on Facebook

@ALL, I have just updated the Twitter section with some of the banks and credit unions listed in Jim Bruene's post on Netbanker (13-Mar-09):


thank you for the great list. I wrote a short post about it in my german Social Banking Blog.

@Boris, thanks for your feedback and for referring to Visible Banking in "Innovate or die".

By the way, next week I will post my video interview with Matthias Koener, Founder & CEO of Fidor AG. You will find out more about their new service 2.0, "Fidor Community Banking". Stay tuned!

This is a fantastic resource Christophe...great work.

@Aden, thanks. Please feel free to flag any missing initiatives from HSBC and Firstdirect!

A big thanks to all the contributors so far! Please find below my latest updates:

Customer Reviews & Comments
ABN AMRO's blackboard

Amplify CU, Bellco CU, Kemba CU, OUR CU, Pioneer CU, SIU CU, Tech CU, Travis CU

Advanta's Ideablob, AIG Hawaii, Bank of America, BBVA Open Talent, Discover Card, Capital One, Cake Financial, Dear AIG, Elga CU, HSBC Offshore, Idahy CU, ING DIRECT, Kemba CU, Kiva, Kiva Customer Service, Lending Club, Rabobank, Smartypig, Vancity's ChangeEverything, VPI Pet Insurance, Zecco

Rabo sport, RaboSportTV on YouTube

Thanks to George Pasley, E-Commerce Developer at First Federal, who sent me the links to First Federal's Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel.

I invite you to connect with George on Linkedin, subscribe to his 'Banking Kismet' blog and follow him on twitter.

I have just flagged 8 additional financial institutions on twitter:
* Australia: ANZozCEO
* Canada: Vancity Buzz
* US: Bank of Oklahoma, Peoples State Bank, First National Bank, Hancock Bank, RBC Bank and Suntrust Bank

Thanks Christophe. This is a great resource. Here's one to add:


Silicon Valley Bank (good people; they've been a client)

@Mark Done! And thanks for your kind words.

@all I invite you to check

What about to create a new sub item in your great list about payment solutions (blogs, twitters, facebook, etc) ?

No corporate banking blogs in Kenya, but I've been doing a local banking sector blog (

@bankelele Thanks for flagging your blog. It doesn't qualify to be listed in my directory, but I invite you to promote it on the Visible Banking Page on Facebook.

@denis Thanks for your kind words.

Good suggestion: I would be delighted to have you to create (then update) this new section which will list the social media initiatives from "payment solutions".

Obviously I would make sure to give you a well-deserved visibility on Visible Banking. Interested?

Thank you Christophe . Let's start with some payment solutions on twitter :

to be completed (by every one)

Hi Christophe!

Thanks for creating this great list! What a resource.

I run the @Bellco_CU on Twitter. Thanks for including us. We also have a YouTube account: BellcoCreditUnion.

Another potential category to add would be social media usage guidelines by financial organisations. Laurel Papworth aka @Slikcharm on Twitter, has produced a great list of these for other industries but no banking ones as yet

@all I have moved Severus CU's "Young & Free Alberta" from Social Networking to the blogging section.

I have also added South Carolina Federal CU's "Young & Free South Carolina" and TDECU's "Young & Free Texas" to the blogging section.

I have also added the following twitter accounts to my social media directory: Allianz Versicherung, ND Insurance Dept, CA Health Insurance, Banque du Canada, First American Bank, MaPS Credit Union, MEA Fed Credit Union, Gesa Credit Union, DATCU Credit Union, Ent Credit Union, Capitol Credit Union, Mazuma Credit Union, Florida Credit Union, UW Credit Union, KU Credit Union, Chetco Credit Union, Alliance Credit Union, ArvestBank.

@all Today I have added the following financial institutions to my Facebook section:

* Credit Unions: Mazuma CU, 2 * University CU, Veridian CU, Valley CU, DATCU CU, PenFinancial CU, TwinStar CU, Community CU, KU CU, AAC CU, Goodsoil CU, United CU, Staffordshire CU, KeyPoint CU, Verity CU, Piedmont CU, Elevations CU, Marine CU, Hawthrone CY, Weokie CU, Meriwest CU, Members CU, MAX CU, CredCer CU, Gateway CU

* Banks: Absa Bank, Bank Mandiri, Arvest Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bank BTPN, Bank Byblos, Sampath Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Commonwealth Bank,


great post. But i think you have forgotten some german banking 2.0 activities or trials. Here are two links to my german social banking blog with some informations about banking2.0 in germany

At the moment I´am working on a slidshare presentation "Social Finance in Germany" which i think will be complete and post to my blog at the end of the next week



You should add @First_Direct to your list.

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