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William Arruda

Your idea is a brilliant one. For those of us who fly all the time, it is hard to make a networking meeting the third Tuesday of every month. Airtroductions seems like the perfect solution. Most of my executive branding clients fly all the time and have a hard time fitting networking into their busy agendas – yet all strong brands have poweful and cared-for networks. Now that I know about Airtroductions, I will ensure that they all become members.

On a personal note, after reading your profile, I am surprised I have not sat next to YOU on a plane. I lived in Paris and travel extensively between New York, Paris, London and SF.


This new venture is vey smart. I have adviced a friend of mine to use the service as she is single and always travel all across Europe. Thanks for th tips Christophe. Will let you know if she meets somebody interesting...

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